Thursday, February 11, 2010

I wasn't punked, I was pooped! :)

The funniest thing happened to me today. This has to be the best yet funniest post ever. In my house I have two adorable chihuahuas. They are trained on wee-wee pads. So whatever type of door rug I put down they think it's a wee-wee pad. I have this easy little roll up door mat in front of our front door. Whenever I leave the house I just roll up the mat. (Or my mom does it for me.) Well today someone forgot. After coming home from the motor vehicle I walked into the house with my mom and sat on the rug to take off my doc martins. My mom left the room and had already made it into the kitchen. Then I yelled, "Momma, do you smell poop?" "No." she answered. I found something brown on my hand from my shoe. Then I thought,"Huh! I must have gotten mud on my shoe." I went to wipe it on the butt of my pants and then realized it was all over the butt of my pants and the bottom of my shirt. Then I was smart enough to figure out that it was all dog poop. I was covered in it. I then tried to laugh but it all came out as hysterical crying. My mom came into the room and started hysterically laughing at me. I was screaming while my mom was chasing me trying to wash it off of me. She finally grabbed me and I threw it all in the wash. Joanna of Mosshill Studio had just called afterward. She said all these funny titles I could have titled this post. Some were I had a sh***y day, I'm pooped, and last but not least my wonderful blog title I used. This was definitely crappy yet funny day.


  1. Pix, this really is a funny story and you will remember it forever! Glad I got to laugh with you that day. Wishing you a chocolate filled day :)
    Auntie Jojo

  2. such a funny story! my dogs always leave little "presents" about as well - gotta love them.

    happy valentine's day, pixie!


  3. Hi Pixie! Great story! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Have a great week! Lisa :)

  4. Congratulations Pixie, you are the winner of my "secret" second OWOH giveaway! i'll be popping your gift in the mail tomorrow!

    miss lemoncholy

  5. Hello Pixie! I loved your funny story, and your little blog is lovely...I came over via Lemoncholy x